About Us

Our Mission 

Tyrone M. Ward establish T.M.W. Enterprises Paving & Maintenance with the idea to educate its customers on how to maintain their pavement
and to get the most out of their investment.  

The Foundation

 Like every thing in life it is only as strong as what it is built on.
Same goes for all pavement surfaces. From a simple front sidewalk
to a patio or driveway  they all require a Good gravel base from 4" to 12 " depending on the type of surface that is being installed. ( you can check with your local Building Department for proper spec's regarding the base for what you like to have done )

On the Surface 

Quality Installation is only the Half of it. Like any good meal quality ingredients are needed along with proper preparation. Here at T.M.W. we only use quality materials.
From Suppliers Like Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete Inc., Unilock, Vulcan Materials, Butterfield Color. So like that well prepared meal not only look good on the out side but will be good on the inside 

Our Warranty's  
Our Warranty covers our work for one year after installation on the type of work as followed 
Concrete : is covered for surface DE - lamination ( surface flaking of and area 1' by 1' ) it dose not cover against concrete cracking and or pop outs / individual pits.
Cracking can appear with in thirty days due to the shrinking of the concrete during the cure time in areas where the concrete goes around an obstruction, make a dermatitis turn or at an major thickness change  and after ground movement from winter freeze  thaw.  That is why grove joint are place in concrete called crack control joints and the wire mesh in driveways and patios  so after it cracks keep it from shifting. 

Asphalt : is covers for surface extreme Delamination and or the asphalt becoming ruff like a popcorn surface. 
it  dose not cover against cracking for main reason for cracking is ground movement.

Brick Pavers : is covered for shifting and settling on homes older than 15 years old.

Ground water and moister cause the biggest issues with all pavement surfaces. It will very for one property to another. We here at TMW understand the materials and do certain insulation method to avoid these issues best as possible. But like any one we can not change the nature of the material. 

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